GoPro Steadicam


How to make a DIY GoPro Steadicam / Camera Stabilizer


DIY GoPro Steadicam


In this video I show the principle of how you can make a Steadicam for your GoPro camera.


I live in Sweden, so you may not always find the exact same parts that I use, but you can find something similar to what I use and adapt it to your own DIY projekt.


Template for Aluminum flat bar


If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact me on YouTube and facebook.

Test Footage - DIY steadicam


Part list

  • Aluminum Flatbar 20x3mm L=450mm
  • Universal socket wrench joint
  • M4x22mm screw
  • M4 nut
  • Flashlight
  • Bearing 8mm / Ø22 mm (2 pcs)
  • 8mm socket 1/4"
  • m4x45 screw
  • m4 nyloc nut + washer
  • M8x40mm wing screw (2 pcs)
  • M8 wing nut (2 pcs)
  • M8 50x50mm square washers (4 pcs)
  • M8 25x25mm square washers (2 pcs)
  • GoPro tripod mount
  • 1/4" screw for tripod mount

GoPro DIY #8 - How to make a

DIY GoPro Steadicam / Camera Stabilizer

- A device that smooth out your handheld shots

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